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About Our School:

Patrick F. Healy Middle School was established in 1975 as part of three middle schools housed in the William S. Hart Middle Complex. Located at 116 Hamilton Street in East Orange, Patrick F. Healy embarks on its first year under restructuring as the sixth grade school at the Hart Complex. This unique arrangement allows us to effectively utilize resources and implement curriculum appropriately through looping. Students are provided with swimming lessons, technology, world language, art, and general music classes as well as a Port of Entry program for ELL students.

Clubs and activities such as National Junior Honor Society, Student Council, Technology Club (Tech Squad), Performing Arts Club, and male and female mentoring program enhance instruction. Our students are recognized for their accomplishments on a monthly basis as Star Students of the Month, for Honor Roll, good citizenship and perfect attendance. The PTO and School Leadership Council at Healy are an active part of the school community and are working together to enhance the leadership, academic achievement and environment for all of our students.

Healy's Mission:

It is our mission to provide a nurturing academically rich, structured, standards based, data driven environment that meets the need of all our students by providing all stakeholders an opportunity to contribute to the betterment of the school. Our Cougar values are safety, respect and responsibility. We strive to emulate these values daily.

We aspire to achieve academic advancement by setting clear expectations and measurable goals, regularly collecting and analyzing performance data, integrating technology, and sharing best practices as productive teams. Developing and nurturing the needs of students, parents, and staff will enable us to be great today but better tomorrow.